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Writings on Buddhism

August 04, 2013

“Reflections on the Structure of Buddhist Thinking,” Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Universities, Vol. IV, pp. 38-49.

September 01, 2012

“Mapping the Ascent to Enlightenment.” In Unifying Buddhist Philosophical Views. Ayutthaya, Thailand: The International Association of Buddhist Universities.3-12.

The early documents depict Gautama’s ascent to Enlightenment in heroic and mythical proportions. Written several centuries after the fact, much of the narrative is no doubt hagiography, embellished by the creative imagination and the hindsight of doctrinal rationalizations. Nonetheless, in sum, the documents chronicle an intensely personal pilgrimage that incorporates and supersedes competing spiritual landscapes. The narrative assumes the primacy of mind and efficacy of mental concentration

October 01, 2002

Professor Nakasone wrote Religious Views On Biotechnology, Buddhism in the Encyclopedia of Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues in Biotechnology published by Wiley

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