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About Ron Y. Nakasone



"Spend five minutes talking with Ron Nakasone and you will sense two things: a wisdom that makes you curious and a casualness that makes you comfortable," Peter Doebler writes.


An accomplished scholar in Buddhist Art and Culture at the Graduate Theological Union (an interreligious consortium of nine theological seminaries and eleven academic centers in Berkeley, California), Ronald Y. Nakasone, PhD, is heir to the age-old East Asian literati tradition that encourages self-cultivation, self-transformation, and self-realization through scholarship, community involvement, and art.  He is a master of Japanese calligraphy, or the art of sho.  In addition to having exhibited his work in Kyoto, Tokyo, Paris, Seoul, Xian, Chiang Mai, and cities throughout the United States, Ron is also an ordained Buddhist priest, an active member in Asian-American communities in the Bay Area, CA, as well as a subtle gardener.  Students have even composed an interpretive ballet dance to his artwork.


He has published more than 100 academic books and articles on Buddhist doctrine, ethics, and aesthetics, Aging and Spirituality, and Okinawan Studies. Students and colleagues contributed essays to Memory and Imagination, Essays and Explorations in Buddhist Thought and Culture (Nagata, 2010), a festschrift that commemorated his completion of one life cycle (60 years) according to the Chinese zodiac. He received the Sarlo Excellence in Teaching Award from the Graduate Theological Union in 2011



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